Welcome to Contact Scraper!

The “Contact Scraper” was created to help the companies or agencies in their marketing efforts.

The Scraper will help you extract the data you need in a mater of minutes and save countless hours of work by scraping contacts data automatically for lead generation. Now you can focus more on clients and less on the time consuming tasks like gathering data.

The service works on a prepaid basis and can be tested at no costs. In order to extract new contacts you will need “contacts credits” available in your account. We offer free credits in order to automatically extract new contacts and see how this tool can help your business grow. Additional credits can be purchased any time in the online store and they will be added to your existing account credits balance. We would like to offer a good user experience with our marketing tool and that is why we allow negative balance for your account (extracted contacts will not be suppressed when your account balance is 0 for the active session). The extra consumed credits will be deducted from your next credit purchase.

We hope you enjoy the scraper and we would love to hear your feedback. You can send us your comments or improvement suggestions at any time and we’ll be more than happy to hear them.

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